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Phulki (Zee Bangla) New Serial Story, Actor, Actress, Cast, Story & Wiki

Phulki or Fulki a new addition to Zee Bangla serials in Bengali Language. Divyani Mondal and Abhishek Bose will be the main characters of this serial. Divyani will play the main character “Phulki” and Abhishek will be seen as Rohit Chowdhury. Along with this two lead characters many well known faces will be seen. The Serial will be aired Monday to Sunday on 7.30 Pm on Zee Bangla.

Story of Phulki Serial

Phulki serial is being written by Souvik Chakraborty and Saswati Ghosh. The serial is based on a poor girls lifestory. In its first promo we have seen, phulki loves to play boxing. But being poor its her dream only to became a great boxer one day. Also Phulki wants to gather money for her mother’s treatment.

Though Phulki is full of energy, the Hero or ‘Rohit Roy’ is just the opposite. He always prefers to stay alone. As we can see Rohit have a bad past with boxing and have not came over from it. But the story is Phulki will be the savior of Rohit and make his life full of energy again. The cinematographer of this serial is Santu Dutta. Also Jishnu Nath and Biplab Mondal are the Editors.

Serial NamePhulki (ফুলকি)
ChannelZee Bangla
Serial Cast HeroineDivyani Mondal
Serial Cast HeroAbhishek Bose
Release Date12th June 2023
Time Slot7.30 PM

Phulki Serial Cast with Real Names

As serials get popular many people wants to know the real names of favourite actor actresses. So here’s the complete list of actor and actress who will be seen in Zee Bangla new Serial Phulki

Phulki: Divyani Mondal – Phulki Serial main character Phulki is played by actress Divyani Mondal.

Zee Bangla Phulki Serial Cast Herione Diivyani Mondal

Rohit Chowdhury: Abhishek Bose – The hero of Phulki serial is famous bengali actor Abhishek Bose.

Zee Bangla Phulki Serial Hero Rohit Chowdhury actor Abhishek Bose

Paromita: Kaushambi Chakraborty-

Phulki Serial Paromita actress Real Name Kaushambi Chakraborty

Ishita: Ayendri Lavnia Roy – Ayendri Roy is playing the roll of Ishita in Phulki Serial.

Ayendri Roy

Kaveri: Avery Singha Roy – In Phulki Serial Kaveri Character is being played by Actress Avery Singha Roy.

Avery Singha Roy

Rudrarup: Sudip Sarkar – Sudip Sarkar’s Character in Phulki serial is named Rudrarup.

Phulki Serial Rudrarup actor real name Sudip Sarkar

Tamal: Wridddhish Chowdhury –

Wridddhish Chowdhury as tamal in Phulki Serial

Labanyo: Arpita Mondal –

Arpita Mondal in Phulki Serial

Sanjay Basu –

Sanjay Basu in Phulki Serial

Raju Manumder –

Raju Majumder in Phulki Serial
Phulki Actress Real Name?

Divyani Mondal is playing the character of Phulki in Zee Bangla’s Phulki Serial.

Who is the Phulki Serial Actor?

Famous actor Abhishek Bose is playing the lead role (Rohit Chowdhury) in Zee Bangla’s Phulki Serial.

What is Phulki Serial Time Slot?

Phulki Serial will be aired on Zee Bangla every Monday to Sunday at 7.30 PM. So you can watch it on TV or any other time at Zee5 app or website.

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